September 12, 2011

i'm Back!!

assalamualaikum..anyeong..lama sgt den tinggal blog nie..sejak start keje time cuti sem tue mmg dh xmampu nk menaip ke apa..fuh letih seyh keje...kalo nk story balik sume cter mau berjela2 nk dh ad kt hostel n today is 1st day of class after berbulan2 cuti..mau jem jugak otak nie..keke..

oh ya bout uri oppa..of course la update sume ELF tau oppa dh comeback with 5jib Mr.Simple..lama kn dh tau tp sje je bru nk i just got my 5jib with "abg ngah" cover!! kyaaa..although he is not my bias but still hepi cz can make it as kenangan lor while waiting 4 him to comeback right.. byk sgt interesting story related with uri oppa n myElf family...kyaaa..xtermampu nk tls..hehe..just what 1 want to say is i really love my 2nd family..u guys are awesome weii ( tiru ayt baki jap) hehe.can't wait 4 the next hoping for ss4 in Malaysia too... ^^